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When are the camp sessions?

Camp runs from Monday, July 29th and ends on Friday, August 16th. We do not provide transportation. Campers can enroll for 1, 2, or 3 weeks. We have no minimum requirement of weeks. Note the discount for registering for more than one week.

When are  camp hours?

Camp hours are 9AM to 3:00PM. For an additional fee and pre-registration, parents may pick up campers at aftercare between 3:00PM and 5:00PM.

What are the ages of the campers?

Our youngest campers are 6 years old and our oldest are 12 years old. Students will be grouped by age levels with 10 campers or less in each group.

Who are the camp directors and art mentors?

Angie Mikula is the director of the camp. A description of her experience can be found in the “about” section of the website. Angie has enlisted experienced art instructors to help her guide the campers through their creations.

Do you have a parent/guardian visiting day?

Parents/guardians may come any day and spend time observing their child. If you would like to visit, contact Angie at

Are there any extra fees or charges?

There will be additional fees for aftercare should you need the service. Pre-registration at least one week ahead is required.

What about water and sunscreen?

Campers must bring a water bottle labeled with their name that can be refilled. Campers may bring sunscreen. We suggest you apply sunscreen to your camper before coming in the morning and it will be reapplied after lunch and any play that involves getting wet.

What do I need to send to camp every day?

Every day the campers should dress for a mess and wear sneakers. We recommend that the camper bring a change of clothes that can be left in a labeled bag at their station for the week. This would be the bag that can also hold sunscreen if they need it.

What if my child doesn't know anyone at camp?

One of the primary goals of child development is learning to make friends. We think camp is perfect for meeting new people and making new friends. Our staff is trained to facilitate good relationships between children and are dedicated to helping each child to make friends at camp. Each Monday is treated as the start of a new session, and new campers are made to feel welcome.

Lunch and snack?

We ask that students bring a bagged lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon. We do not have refrigeration or a way to reheat anything.

What if my child has peanut butter or nuts served at camp?

We will ask families not to pack anything with peanut butter and tree nuts, as there may be campers with an allergy to either. We will have frequent hand-washing, good table hygiene, and specific training for group leaders who supervise allergic children abiding by the nut-aware protocol and general allergy protocol.

Do I need a doctor to sign the camp medical form?

NO, the camper health form can be completed entirely by you. You will need to provide some basic immunization information, which you may need to request from your doctor.

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