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Out of this World & Calling all Heroes

This service is fully booked.

July 29 to August 2nd & August 12th to 16th

  • Starts Jul 29
  • 825 US dollars
  • Prallsville Mills


Unleash your imagination and embark on a journey beyond the bounds of gravity! Dive into the wonders of outer space and the celestial bodies above as we examine images from the new Webb telescope as you explore a variety of materials using perspective and proportion techniques. Employ black light and fluorescent paint on upcycled materials to create a cosmic theater of visual art for the final team challenge! The possibilities are limitless in this stellar camp adventure!" Team Challenge: Black light theater! Teams will design a rocketship to travel across the cosmic stage in a black light theater with glowing flourescent paint. Game-Rocket Ship Relay: Set up an obstacle course, and have kids pretend to be astronauts navigating their rocket ships through space. Use hula hoops as planets and cones as asteroids.

Upcoming Sessions

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